You will find multiple undertakings that we have done to help facilitate change and growth in orphans. 


As an institution focused to transforming live for a positive meet in our contemporary world, we have always underscore the need to improve the educational well-being of orphans in preparing them for the works ahead after they leave the orphanage homes. Currently under this scope we are engaged with raising funds to support child education both formally and informally. Under the previous style of education, we are tasked by our service call to provide scholarships for deserving students at the orphanages, which will enable them to get exposure to opportunities that will brighten their future.

As a means of providing support to children we supply school materials (text books, copy book, bags, pens, pencils, uniforms and shoes) for less fortunate children and provide similar support for orphanages run schools.

The mother Victoria B. Young Annual Excellence Award is given in recognition of Mother Victoria Young, the first founder of an orphanage in Liberia. It is awarded to top performing and exceptional students at orphanage run schools and children that are supported under program doing the Academic Year, as well as institution and individuals that are contributing to orphans.

We provide gifts for children who were made orphans by the Ebola Virus at various ETU and during Christmas we provide gifts for orphanages and host parties for children targeting slum communities.

We are committed to improving children potentials both in and out of the classroom. Therefore we are involved with several mentorship programs at orphanages and communities level through which member of our team reach out directly to orphans with motivational inspirational dialogues and recreational activities in leadership, volunteerism and their rile in nation building. These forums interns books their self-confidence and build higher self-esteem in them as they search for inner potentials a=with zeal and the desire to achieve more.

Facts to Know about Liberian Orphans
• Only slightly more than half adults had graduated from high school before leaving the orphanage
• 35% of adults have endured some period of homelessness after leaving the orphanage
• 85% of adults after the orphanage have not had employment for a year
• Seven out of ten become parents within a year after the orphanage
• Not even four in five is self supporting after the orphanage
• One in four males and one in ten females have spent time in jail.

• By age 19, about 78% of females have been pregnant after leaving the Orphanage
The laws of Liberia do not allow children to remain in the orphanage over the age of 18. They have to leave and fend for themselves; however, the government and orphanages does not offer any resources to prepare these children for independent living. Our Round Table Engagement has given us a full insight on what Adults go Through During Transition. We are glad the Our Adult Orphans Empowerment Program through vocation for Job Readiness is becoming a reality. We will be launching Our Adult Orphans Empowerment Program in the Soonest for your support. These children leave the orphanages without skills, education, or trade to enable them to make an income after the orphanage. The concept of adulthood is changing, yet some youth must transition from orphanage to complete independence at 18. The challenges are overwhelming and risks include educational failure, unemployment, out-of-wedlock parenting, mental illness, housing instability and victimization. These young adults are unlikely to depend on the support of family, yet a successful transition largely depends on the role of a caring adult. Young adults need programs such as housing subsidies/options, vocational/job readiness training, mental health counseling, substance abuse programs, access to medical care, and a lasting relationship with a caring adult.

Young Adults (18+)
Youth that ‘age out’ of orphanage care face daunting challenges as they
make the transition from care dictated and controlled by the head of orphanages to independent living.

Significant cultural, economic, and demographic changes have occurred in the span of a few generations,and these changes are challenging youths’ psychological and social development. Some are adapting well, but many others are floundering as they prepare to leave home, finish school, find jobs, and start families.

For young adults who have lost both parents, have been in an orphanage and have had experiences that have been detrimental to typical, healthy development, the latter is an apt description, and it validates the great needs of this population.

This age group (18-24) requires specialized resources as they are still highly vulnerable to some risks present during adolescence.

Yet as an ‘adult,’ they lack any type of safety net; support resources include housing assistance or subsidies, vocational/job readiness training, mental health counseling, substance abuse programs, and access to medical care. The support of family is an important contributor to a successful transition to adulthood. However, the presence of a lasting relationship with a caring adult can be a great resource to help these young adults. The value of this cannot be overstated.
We have through our Annual National Orphans Empowerment Summit brought together orphans from across orphanages to talk about the many challenges they faced during transition. The empowerment program will provide a space to have adults job readiness skills through vocational/ hand on the jobs programs.

As a means of providing relief at orphanages and family strengthening we provide food and necessary living and health products care to orphanages, and less fortunates children in selected communities. We also provide clothes and a foot wears for children at these centers and communities. ​​​


  • Constructed hand pump for Ebola orphans in Banjor and surrounding communities.
  • Renovated home for 13 Ebola orphans in Thinker’s Village
  • Provided education Support to 102 Ebola orphans and indigent children
  • Honored and launched the Mother Victoria Young NB, 1st woman to establish orphanage in Liberia Annual Award
  • Hosted 1st Orphans Empowerment Summit
  • Worked with Task-force on Ebola supply food to Ebola Orphans in Liberia
  • Partnered with Phi Alpha to supply food and other basis household supplies to orphans
  • Functional county Coordinator that oversaw counties project (Nimba, Bong, Bomi, Grand Bassa & Margibi)
  • Commenced 25 orphans from kindergarten, junior & senior academic 2015-2016
  • Medical Support to Ebola orphans and indigent children
  • Lead advocacy for adoption moratorium lifting
  • Administrative routine and procedure set up by Lakarmissionen Swedish Based Consultancy
  • Project Evaluate by Swedish Social Worker Without Border
  • Partnered with Geraldine Do Sheriff Empowerment Foundation School Support to Ebola orphans in Montserrado
  • Audited by MGI-MONBO & COMPANY CERTIFIED Public Accountants.
  • Advocated on International Media Outlets (CNN, BBC, Aljrezza, CCTV, Etc.) for Support Orphans of Ebola and orphanages during after Ebola Crisis. 


As part of our major goal, we are directly involved with media advocacy to call the attention of all relevant stakeholders and partners, raising the awareness that the welfare of orphans are to be a major priority in our society since if we must all live up to the task of serving humanity. Through this medium, we have been able to unveil the downsized and abandoned conditions with which a growing number of orphans in the various communities and orphanages are faced with major challenges to their welfare including the lack of adequate healthcare and education to equip them with knowledge and skills.
Part from media advocacy, we have utilized several civil society forums and grassroots meetings to engage government and stakeholders with related work in the areas of child welfare to ensure that the task of caring for orphans at various orphanages and communities became an epitome in government and stakeholders social welfare targets.

Our monitoring and evaluation spectrum of work is plainly geared toward us getting in one on one communications with orphan homes throughout the country. Through this medium, we have assessed majority of the major orphanages and care centers as well as some family homes that are catering to orphans within our borders in getting first hand information and foresight on the daily challenged they are faced in caring for orphans. Though our regional and counties coordinators and volunteers in these countries of Liberia both rural and urban localities and our team visits to these homes and are regularly updated on the happenings and major developments affecting the welfare of these children all of whom if well catered for can serve the nation tomorrow and became potential citizens

Ongoing Activities

  • ​Psychological support and mentoring to Ebola orphan and orphanage
  • Monthly mentoring at orphanages
  • Scholarship support to university and college adult orphans student
  • Skills training for adult’s orphans at orphanages
  • Initiating an orphanages graduate trust fund in Liberia
  • Partnering with Government Ministries Agency and International NGOS
  • Capacity building for intern (job training) for adult orphans
  • Mandela Legacy Project with South African Embassy
  • Convener of World Orphans Day West Africa 2016
  • Initiating of the Montserrado County Ebola Trust Fund with senator Geraldine Doe Sheriff Foundation
  • Train children in orphanage about the rights and responsibilities
  • Orphans Sunday: 3rd Sunday for churches o give support to orphanages
  • Service Saturday: 3rd Saturday to provide clean up service to orphanages compound.
  • Flip Chart Educating and Protecting Children from Sexual Exploitation and Abuse.
  • O-WASH: Water Sanitation and Hygiene for orphanage school
  • Learning Hub: Hands on training program for ready to graduate in Life skills
  • Parenting conference: A gathering of Administrators and caregivers
  • Supported independent living for adult orphans
  • Girls Right
  • Library Project
  • Training for orphanage in Report & project writing
  • Training in sexual reproductive health for abuse
  • Tomorrows Hero
  • Agriculture Project


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